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City Attorney Voices His Opinion on City Issues

What can the City of San Diego do to pressure KPMG to complete the long-delayed 2003 audits? What does City Attorney Mike Aguirre think about the council's recent dispute with the mayor over budgetin

City Attorney Voices His Opinion on City Issues

Tom Fudge:  Mike Aguirre has been keeping busy lately. Yesterday brought news that he had settled a lawsuit over ticketing of homeless people downtown. That settlement still needs to be approved by the council.

Aguirre has often been at odds with the City Council over management of the pension crisis. Recently, he was in the unfamiliar position of being in the middle of a feud between the council and the mayor over budgeting powers. Meanwhile, Aguirre is appealing a lawsuit to cancel city pension benefits that he considers to be illegal. And he's gone to court to force a developer to reduce the height of a building near Montgomery Air Field that's been deemed a flight hazard.



  • Michael Aguirre, San Diego city attorney

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