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Newspaper Subscriptions Down, Online News Up

On Tuesday, public television's “Frontline” series presents a look at the changing media and asks whether it's good for journalism. We interview series co-producer Lowell Bergman about the financia

Newspaper Subscriptions Down, Online News Up

Tom Fudge:  To a large extent, the history of the news media is the history of changing technology.  The automated printing press, radio and television have all had an effect on the news we get and how it's delivered.  Through it all, the daily paper has survived.  Today, large daily newspapers set the news agenda and they do most original reporting. 

But the newspaper is in trouble.  Newspapers are experiencing declining profits and declining readership.  And the reason is the internet.  Websites have attracted a lot of ad revenue that used to go to newspapers.  And the internet has given rise to a new kind of journalist, called the blogger.


Tonight, KPBS Television airs one installment of a Frontline documentary series called News War.   The reporter and co-producer of News War is Lowell Bergman.  He joins me to talk about the future of the daily newspaper, and the way the media are changing. 

presents News War: What's Happening to the News Tuesday at 9 p.m. on KPBS Television.


  • Lowell Bergman, reporter and co-producer for the Frontline documentary series News War
  • Dean Nelson, director of the journalism program at Point Loma Nazarene University
  • Scott Lewis, co-editor of

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