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Consumer Advocate Shares Outlook on Current Issues

A local consumer advocate joins “These Days” to discuss a variety of issues, including: SDGE's proposed rate increase, the latest news on gas prices, and the San Diego City Council's recent decision

Consumer Advocate Shares Outlook on Current Issues

Tom Fudge:  We expect inflation to eventually affect the prices of the stuff we buy.  It's not a bad deal as long as we eventually get pay raises.  But the price increases and fluctuations in the cost of utilities can be volatile and unpredictable. Things like gas, water and electricity are provided by companies or agencies working in either monopolies or oligopolies.  And their prices very often involve political decisions.

Recently, people who live in San Diego learned that their water and sewer rates will be going up dramatically. The cost of gasoline is rising again. And the local power company, SDGE, has asked for the state to remove a price cap that's been in place since the energy crisis.



  • Michael Shames , executive director of UCAN, the Utility Consumers' Action Network