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Cowboy Junkies Perform on These Days

Brother and sister Michael and Margo Timmons, lead members of the band Cowboy Junkies, perform for us and talk about their new album "At the End of Paths Taken."

Cowboy Junkies Perform on These Days

(Guest Host Maureen Cavanaugh): The genesis of the Canadian band The Cowboy Junkies is a familiar one. They started -- as many bands do -- in a garage, jamming. Their jam sessions included a couple of brothers and their sister, and a childhood friend. They just wanted to play music. That was 1985. What's unusual about this story is those same four musicians have been playing together ever since.  This month the Cowboy Junkies release a new album called At the End of Paths Taken . It's about family, and the responsibilities we have to other people. In some ways, the album is also about the creative relationship that started in that garage years ago, and how it's managed to last. It's a thoughtful album full of observations and insight, which is what you would expect from the Cowboy Junkies.  

The Cowboy Junkies new CD At The End of Paths Taken was released April 17th.



  • Margo Timmons, lead singer of the band Cowboy Junkies.
  • Michael Timmons, guitarist, songwriter, and producer for the band.