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Federal Electrical Grid Construction to Impact San Diego Power

The Department of Energy announced a new plan to address our nation's electricity needs, which promotes construction of major power lines in the southwestern U.S. What does this mean for our local po

Federal Electrical Grid Construction to Impact San Diego Power

Alison St John (Guest Host):  Energy -- and how to provide enough of it to a growing population -- is a big question in southern California.  Already there is heated debate over whether SDG &E should build a power transmission line through the Anza Borrego desert to bring more electricity from inland to the coast. Some say San Diego must have the so called Sunrise Powerlink, others say it's unnecessary and environmentally damaging.

But now a new player is stepping into the fray: the federal government. Our KPBS environmental reporter Ed Joyce is downtown at a public meeting to discuss a proposal by the U.S. Department of Energy.


Written comments may be submitted through the agency's web site at .  For more information about today's meeting, visit


  • Ed Joyce, environmental reporter for KPBS News.