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Two Puppets from Adult-Themed Musical Interviewed in Studio

The Tony Award-winning musical, "Avenue Q" opens this weekend at San Diego's Spreckels Theatre. Actor Robert McClure shares his experience of playing the roles of two singing puppets in this adult-the

Two Puppets from Adult-Themed Musical Interviewed in Studio

Alison St John (Guest Host): A Tony Award-winning Broadway musical opens at the Speckles Theatre in downtown San Diego this weekend. But it's not your average Broadway musical. This one is performed by puppets.

And those puppets look disturbingly like the Muppets! I say disturbingly because in fact these puppets do not live lives the Muppets would live. They include a wannabe comedian called Brian and his girlfriend, a therapist who can't keep a client. Plus, a coquettish character called Lucy who resembles Miss Piggy without inhibitions. There are a couple of gay puppets, and the protagonist is a puppet named Princeton. 


In studio with us is Robert McClure who is the voice of two characters, Princeton and Rod.

Avenue Q opens Saturday at the Spreckels Theatre in downtown San Diego. Visit for more information.


  • Robert McClure, actor playing two roles in the Old Globe's production of Avenue Q .