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On Death and Dying, Captain America Style

Since some of you seemed interested in consoling me regarding the death of Captain America , and explaining the particulars of his death (thanks, Michael!), I thought you might enjoy this from Wizard Universe .

Of the 50 best comic-book deaths, here are two of my favorites, mostly due to editorializing by Wizard staff:

39. Captain Marvel

(Kingdom Come #4)

Fitting that alleged Superman knockoff Captain Marvel would make up for 60 years of pseudo-plagiarism by pushing Superman out of nuclear harm's way, killing himself in the process.

19. Karate Kid

(Legion of Super-Heroes [vol. 3] #4)

Returning from their honeymoon, martial arts expert Val Armorr and wife Princess Projecta encounter opposition from the Legion of Super-Villains on her home planet, Orando. Engaging in fisticuffs with Nemesis Kid, a foe who can adapt powers to defeat any opponent, Val is beaten within an inch of his life. Hoping to die in combat, Val valiantly decides to use his final moments to destroy the instruments that threaten the planet. Unfortunately, Pat Morita wasn't around to rub his leg inappropriately, and he goes to the great dojo in the sky.

What are your favorites? Any to add? Most distressing?

-- Angela Carone produces arts and culture programming for These Days and Culture Lust . Please read our guidelines before posting comments.