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Singer-Songwriting Duo Berkley Hart Celebrate Ten Years of Making Music


San Diego's most famous singer-songwriter duo, Berkley Hart, joins us in studio to perform some of their hits, talk about music and moonshine, and share some of their best stories.

Singer-Songwriting Duo Berkley Hart Celebrate Ten Years of Making Music

(Photo: Jeff Berkley performing in studio, Josette Herdell/KPBS )

Tom Fudge: Berkley Hart is not the name of a law firm or an accounting firm. It is the name of a musical duo that has become very well known to San Diego music lovers. The singer-song writers have been together for ten years. Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart have become known for writing many whimsical songs in the style of acoustic country-rock. They've developed a reputation for all sorts of things, including themed performances and performing at house parties.

They did a themed show a year ago called “O Berkley, Where Hart Thou?” If you've seen the movie you get the joke. Lately their shows involve a certain amount of Moonshine. More on that later.

Their 10 th Anniversary show takes place this Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. as part of the Acoustic Music San Diego series.  


  • Jeff Berkley, musician.
  • Calman Hart, musician.

Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart perform in studio.
(Photo: Jeff Berkley (left) and Calman Hart  perform in studio, Josette Herdell/KPBS )

Calman Hart playing the harmonica.
(Photo: Calman Hart playing the harmonica, Josette Herdell/KPBS )

Jeff Berkley performing in studio.
(Photo: Jeff Berkley playing the guitar, Josette Herdell/KPBS )