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Culture Lust by Angela Carone

Bill Maher Goes After Religion with Larry Charles


Poster for Religulous, a new documentary from Bill Maher


Variety reported yesterday that scenes from the new Bill Maher documentary, Religulous , were shown at the Toronto Film Festival to an enthusiastic audience. The doc is described as a "work in progress" but it's clear the theme is Bill Maher's thoughts on religion. I'm a dedicated viewer of Bill Maher's HBO show and anyone that is knows how he feels about the topic. He doesn't mask his disdain for the faithful and regularly lampoons intelligent design and the like.

The documentary, which is directed by Larry Charles ( Borat and Curb Your Enthusiasm ), has Maher going to the Vatican, Jerusalum, and a London underpass looking for the truth while placing Christians, Muslims, and Jews in his comedic cross-hairs.

I giggled when I saw the poster art for the film. It features Maher's visage appearing, a la the Virgin Mary, on a grilled cheese sandwich. Too funny.

However, I suspect this documentary will raise many hackles, with Maher getting tons of heat when it finally comes out. Can you say fatw? ?