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Ken Burns' Controversial Film "The War" Airs on KPBS

It's being hailed as a landmark series for public television. Ken Burns' film "The War," a 14-hour series profiling a conflict that he said affected every person in the United States at that time, pre

Ken Burns' Controversial Film "The War" Airs on KPBS

Tom Fudge: A film series called The War is the latest project by historian and film maker Ken Burns. Burns established his reputation with a film series, many years ago, about the American Civil War. Burns' new film documentary is about America's involvement in World War Two. He's been working on it for many years.

Recently he got some bad publicity on the project. Some Hispanic Americans objected to the fact that no members of their ethnic group were featured in the documentary. That caused the film maker to go back and add some footage. But now the series is ready for air.


The seven-part, 14-hour film series premieres Sun., Sept. 23, 2007 at 8 p.m. on KPBS-TV, Channel 15/Cable 11. It continues for six more consecutive nights.

You can share your World War II story – or your family member’s – on online at . You can also watch videos profiling San Diego veterans and find out more about the documentary.


  • John Boland, chief content officer for PBS.