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Sanders Changes Mind: Tells the Press First; When Does City Council Find Out?

I had just started a phone interview with San Diego City Councilwoman Donna Frye about her original vote against joining the "friends of the court" brief endorsing same sex marriage, followed by her vote for the brief , when my e-mail signaled a new message.

Here it is:


September 19, 2007

What: & - News Conference * Mayor Sanders TO SIGN Council Resolution on Gay Marriage Brief; Mayor to Explain Principled Stance at News Conference this Afternoon


TODAY - Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My question to Ms. Frye: & ldquo;Did you know the mayor was preparing to sign the resolution, considering that this morning's news indicated he was prepared to veto it? & rdquo;

She had no idea that the mayor would sign.


& ldquo;Should I be surprised at the lack of communication between the mayor and members of the City Council? & rdquo; I asked.

& ldquo;No, & rdquo; she said. ldquo;It's called conversation. We don't have it. & rdquo; &

If she's accurate, why isn't the mayor communicating with the council members before he alerts the press to his upcoming actions?