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Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando


Milarepa (Shining Moon Production)

The Brave One and Death Sentence offer Hollywood tales of revenge that play out in predictable ways. But Milarepa (opening Sept. 21 at Landmark's Ken Cinema ) takes us back nearly a thousand years to tell us a less familiar tale about the vendetta of a young man who would become Tibet's greatest mystic. Described as a visionary, a wizard, a saint and a poet, Milarepa was first known by the name of Thpaga. As a young man fueled by anger he sought vengeance but his story ends with an enlightenment missing from Hollywood's tales of revenge. The film marks the directing debut Buddhist monk Neten Chokling who was earlier seen as an actor in the Bhutanese modern day films The Cup and Travellers and Magicians.

Eduardo Cong
September 30, 2007 at 08:56 PM
There is a transcending awareness in this film that moves beyond the surface story. All life form is part of larger light. This makes us all connected to each other, some conscious, and others barely conscious of it. Awesome movie! -----