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Hispanic Heritage Month Highlights Latino Political Influence

Hispanic Heritage Month takes place from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. Latino votes will matter more than ever in the upcoming presidential election. We’ll speak with syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette abo

Hispanic Heritage Month Highlights Latino Political Influence

Tom Fudge: In the past, there hasn't been an awful lot of talk about appealing to Hispanics in the presidential primaries. Maybe that's because states like California had little impact on the nomination.

But this year, California, Florida, New York and Arizona all hold their primaries prior to Feb. 5. In fact, about two-thirds of Hispanic voters are eligible to vote in presidential primaries before that date. That means the democratic candidates, in particular, are pulling out the stops – issuing press releases in Spanish and advertising on Spanish-language broadcast stations.


So what will be the issues for Hispanic voters? How connected are America's Latino voters to their roots and what is a Hispanic anyway?


  • Ruben Navarrette, syndicated columnist and member of the editorial board for the San Diego Union Tribune .