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Music from the Crooked Road Performance on These Days

Yesterday we had a group of musicians on These Days who play music from the Appalachian regions of Virginia bordering the Crooked Road (Hwy. 58). You can listen to the full interview here .

They were so much fun and the music was fantastic, especially the ancient mountain ballads performed by 19-year-old Elizabeth LaPrelle. She sang an a cappella version of a song called Pretty Saro , a performance that you might want to watch a few times throughout the day.

Master guitar maker and musician Wayne Henderson had some really funny lines about his home town of Rugby, Virginia, population 7! He said they all take turns being the preacher, the mayor, and the town drunk and since he's gone on tour for the next couple of months, he's worried about someone having to serve double duty as town drunk.


You can see these musicians and others from the Crooked Road tonight at a performance sponsored by ArtPower . The show starts at 8 pm at the Mandeville Auditorium on the campus of UCSD.