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Coping With the Emotional Toll of San Diego's Wildfires

Coping With the Emotional Toll of San Diego's Wildfires

(Photo: House in Deerhorn Valley, Angela Carone/KPBS )

Tom Fudge: Natural disasters don't seem very natural when you're going through one and have to deal with the fears and emotions that go with them. They are rare events that we seem to have very little control over. And they seem to come out of nowhere with little or no warning.


Here in the San Diego County, our fears are about fires. The Cedar Fire four years ago and the fires last week sent many of us running and destroyed the homes of some of us. Last week, some people lost all of their possessions and seven people lost their lives. Our experiences with the fires are very different, depending on where in the county we live. But we all had concerns and strong emotions. Some of us had to comfort children and find some way to take our minds off the disaster.


  • Dr. Ken Druck, national expert in the field of dealing with trauma and loss, and founder of the Jenna Druck Foundation .
  • Dr. Lori Rappaport, staff psychologist for the Jenna Druck Foundation's Families Helping Families Program.