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The Walkmen Recite Sex and the City

The Walkmen

The Walkmen played the Casbah this past Saturday but I was unable to go. I opted to see Feist and The Hives at the 94.9 Anniversary bash at 4th and B.

Feist was great, but The Hives, who I've never seen before, put on an amazing, totally energetic show. They are complete showmen - tossing mics, spinning guitars, scissor-kicks, jumping on speakers, throwing drumsticks, the whole deal.


So, The Hives may have impressed me Saturday night, but it's The Walkmen who have me laughing this Tuesday morning.

Listen to this stream of The Walkmen reciting lines from HBO's Sex and the City . It's hilarious! It makes you realize how ridiculous a lot of the dialogue on that show really is - or at least how tied it is to specific actors and personalities.

Back to The Hives - if you don't know them, here's a video of one of their latest songs. It's called Tick, Tick Boom.