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Suspected Drug Traffickers Assassinate Tecate Police Chief

The Tecate police chief was assassinated a day after Mexican police discovered a tunnel and two tons of marijuana along the U.S.-Mexico border. The Mexican government has deployed 25,000 troops and fe

Suspected Drug Traffickers Assassinate Tecate Police Chief

Tom Fudge: Night before last, a high ranking police department official from Tecate, in Baja California, was murdered in his bed. He was shot by gunmen nearly 50 times as his wife lay next to him. Their one-year-old child also lay in the same bedroom.

The murdered police official was named Juan Jose Soriano Pereira. And some suspect this may be related to his involvement in the discovery of an underground drug tunnel in the Tecate area. Just a few years ago, the police chief of Tijuana was shot to death. But residents of the much smaller and more peaceful community of Tecate were shocked by this week's crime.


KPBS border reporter Amy Isaacson is covering this story for us. She was in Tecate yesterday, and she now joins us over the phone.