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Chef Bernard Shares His Family Holiday Recipes

Chef Bernard of La Jolla’s Marine Room talks about holiday party planning, wines, French holiday traditions and quick and easy recipes.

Chef Bernard Shares His Family Holiday Recipes

Tom Fudge : Christmas is right around the corner; it happens a week from tomorrow. That means we're way into the Christmas shopping season and very much into the Christmas entertaining season. This time of year seems to be the season for having parties. I'm not just talking about the New Year's Eve bash, which everybody talks about but not everybody really does.

 Many families and institutions throw parties at this time of year. Of course, the Christmas feast rivals Thanksgiving for its traditions and opulence. If you have a food or drink tradition for this time of year, give us a call and let us know what it is. Do you make homemade eggnog? Do you have a party spread that really works for you? What are your traditions for Christmas dinner or Christmas Eve?



Chef Bernard , executive chef of the Marine Room Restaurant in La Jolla.