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Host Tom Fudge Returns After Serious Bicycle Accident


"These Days" host Tom Fudge returns to the airwaves after a two-month recovery from a serious bicycle accident. Tom shares the story of his recovery and some of the insights he gained throughout the p

Host Tom Fudge Returns After Serious Bicycle Accident

(Photo: Tom Fudge being interviewed in studio,

Josette Herdell/KPBS


Alison St John (Guest Host):

On the morning of Monday April 16th, Tom Fudge, the host of

These Days

, set off from home on his bicycle to ride to work, just as he did most weekday mornings. 

Under normal circumstances, Tom would be the first one of the

These Days

team to arrive at the radio station, soon after 7 a.m., to finish his last minute preparations for the show. But that morning Tom never arrived. The rest of the crew waited in vain for their host. 

And you the listeners have been waiting and wondering ever since, where is Tom? How is Tom? What's happening with Tom?

Tom Fudge returns this week to host

These Days

  • Tom Fudge , regular host of These Days on KPBS. He is returning to the show after a two-month absence during which he was recovering from a serious bicycling accident.