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Could Dick Morris Be Right? Hope So!

Never in a million years would I have guessed that Id want Dick Morris to be right on anything. Remember him? He was the media consultant who primarily worked for Republicans, but eerily became Bill Clintons most trusted first-term advisor. In fact, his influence over Clintons presidency was so profound that Morris was named campaign manager for his re-election bid in 1996. But on the day that President Clinton accepted his partys nomination for a second term, Morris resigned. There were stories of scandalous liaisons with a prostitute and personal information about the Clintons that he shared with her. Later there were reports that Morris was a tax evader. Although Morris left the Clintons, he didnt disappear. Hes now an author, political commentator and columnist and revels in criticizing the Clintons, particularly Hillary.

I hadnt thought about Dick Morris in a very long time. And then, my manager suggested I read a Morris article published in the New York Post , Jan. 6, 2007. In it, Morris opines that the February 5th primaries (15 state primary elections and seven caucuses) will shake out a Democratic winner, either Clinton or Obama. But he also suggests that although the GOP will see Giuliani, McCain, Huckabee and Romney competing on that Super Tuesday, it is likely that none of them will win a majority and that the decision might have to be made at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis the first week of September .

If you read one of my earlier commentaries, you already know that one or two contested presidential nominating conventions would fulfill my current fondest dream (and my manager knows that, too). My November 27th entry entitled Could the Conventions Get Exciting Again? postulates that this year, my dream might come true If the Iowa Caucus surprises the nation by selecting an Obama or a Huckabee


Well, Obama and Huckabee did win . And now that the New Hampshire primary has set up two additional winners, Clinton and McCain , perhaps Dick Morris could be right about a partys nominee actually being decided at the national convention. He thinks it will happen in Minneapolis and Im hoping that the Democrats in Denver will also have to choose their candidate for president. In either case, this summer could see me at the most compelling political event in 56 years .

Ximena from chile
September 08, 2008 at 11:00 PM
Well, probably from time to time people find his or her reason of living and Mr. Morris now is right. Today is September 2008, and your words also have became right. Mr. Obama is the candidate for Democrats and Mr. Mc Cain for the republicans. I'm not usa citizen, however, it is very interesting to me to read such interesting informations about the election, mainly the discussion that you have. In my country, noboday take care about the elections, since many of the times, it is the same of always. Hope you the best in the elections, Ximena