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New Hampshire Voters Shake-up the Presidential Race

New Hampshire voters cast their ballots for president in the nation's first primary. Political analysts Gloria Penner and Carl Luna explain the surprise results.

New Hampshire Voters Shake-up the Presidential Race

Tom Fudge: The voters of New Hampshire have kept the race for president interesting. You can certainly say that about yesterday's contest that put Hillary Clinton on top of the Democratic field, and gave John McCain the Republican victory. Among the Republicans, McCain got 37 percent of the vote, to second place Mitt Romney's 32 percent. Mike Huckabee, who won in Iowa, ended up a distant third, getting only 11 percent of the vote.

Among the Democrats, Clinton got 39 percent to Barack Obama's 36 percent. Clinton benefitted by getting a lot of votes from women and from people who identified themselves as Democrats. Obama won among independents and young voters. John Edwards came in a disappointing third place with 17 percent of the vote.


What does all this mean, and what do the candidates stand for?