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Modern Workers Impacted by Changing Gender Roles, Technology, Corporate Culture

What are the biggest issues in the modern American workplace? What challenges face the workers of the 21st century? How has the American workplace changed over the last 20 years? We speak to an aut

Modern Workers Impacted by Changing Gender Roles, Technology, Corporate Culture

Originally aired July 24, 2007

Tom Fudge: If you're an adult, an awful lot of your life is devoted to work, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some people like their jobs, and most of us wonder what we would do all day if we didn't go to work. But as the movie Office Space shows us, our work almost always leaves something to be desired. And the things we do desire, from the workplace, tend to change with the times.


At one point, American women were determined to get ahead in the workplace. Some still are. But today, most working mothers wish they could work less than full-time. People of both genders are calling for more flexibility on the job. As for money, scholars see a lot of groups losing ground in the salary department as globalization forces more and more jobs overseas.


  • Edward E. Lawler III , co-author of The New American Workplace . Lawler is also director of the Center for Effective Organizations and a distinguished professor of business at the USC Marshall School of Business.
  • Phil Blair , executive officer for the San Diego office of Manpower Staffing Services
  • Delores Bernardo , director in the Western Regional office of Catalyst , a non-profit organization committed to expanding opportunities for women and business.