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A Blogger Responds to the President

So I watched the State of the Union , and I was rather unimpressed.

Most of the address, in my view, led up to & ldquo;We need to STAY in Iraq. & rdquo; In fact, I predict President Bush is going to say this over and over until, finally, we HAVE to leave. Then it will become, & ldquo;We never needed to be there in the first place. & rdquo; &

I will admit, I cheered with joy when Bush said he will bring some troops home. He also promised to support the needs of those who have fought in the war. & That is what's needed, most of all. & I may not agree with the war, but I support our troops 150 percent of the way. Similar to how I may respect the office of president, but I don't support the man holding it.


As I know already, we'll be in Iraq for the long haul, but the Bush Administration is planning to slowly draw troops back. & Am I happy? Yes and no. I want our troops home, but I realize Iraq would fall to extremist groups overnight if we just pulled out completely. & So, I'll take this small pull out as - realistically - what can be done. &

Overall, the speech is what I expected - a lot of words to express a few key facts. But, props to Bush for admitting that the government has to stop using Social Security as its personal piggy bank. & Boos to Bush for wanting to stop stem cell research. &

At the end, Bush did say he wanted to fight world hunger, give better child care to the families of soldiers, and fight the spread of AIDS. &

It is about time that we hear something like this coming from our president, in my humble opinion. & I've been waiting to hear President Bush say JUST this. & But, I disliked that Bush coupled it with another plug to stay in Iraq. & As I said at the beginning, it is what I expected for a State of the Union speech from our current president - an unimpressive speech from a sadly unimpressive man.