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Don't Cram for February 5th!

I was a high school English teacher for five years. And before that, I was a college student. So I do know something about cramming and about burning the midnight oil, and about showing up at exam time bleary-eyed and hyped on caffeine. It wasn't a good idea then and it's certainly not a good idea now. There's just too much at stake on February 5th.

But you still have a week to prepare for the ballot unless, of course, you are one of the up to 50% of San Diego voters who could vote by mail before election day. True, this upcoming election is somewhat of a surprise to California voters since we expected our primary to be the first Tuesday in June. But because there was a race among the states to be one of the important players in deciding the political party nominees for president, California along with two dozen other states rushed to schedule early primaries and caucuses. And several special interest groups rushed to qualify their propositions for this February 5th ballot which is headed for a record voter turnout .

So whether you are registered with a party or a non partisan, you will find seven state propositions on your ballot waiting for your decision. I won't go through the language of Props 91 through 97. You can find all that plus the pro and con arguments in your sample ballot . And perhaps most useful is the analysis by the non-partisan Legislative Analyst. Of course, the well-funded campaigns are already running political ads on television, but you know that those political commercials are no way to get your unbiased information.


eron tarail from san diego
February 16, 2008 at 04:00 PM
Right now, as I write this, my daughter is watching curious george on KPBS and in between the @15 minute episodes a young boys voice comes on to tell you that george is a monkey and he can do things that you can't do! What a positive thing to tell kids?! These little things on kids shows are not good and need to change. I wanted to comment on the article above, but was interrupted by that alarming statement just as I was about to start. So being a concious parent/human being, I found it more important to talk about our future: kids! Let's make this as wonderful a place to grow up as possible and eliminate these subliminale and not so subliminale messages.