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Julian Schnabel On Arts Coverage

Sunday morning. I'm watching CBS Sunday Morning - one of the most civilized programs on television - and Serena Altschul is interviewing painter and award-winning filmmaker Julian Schnabel . He's talking about the scene in his film Basquiat where Christopher Walken, as an art critic, is interviewing Jean-Michel Basquiat , played by Jeffrey Wright. & The scene is a pretty damning portrayal of art critcs. & In the Sunday Morning interview, Schnabel continues his criticism, going after The New York Times arts section and its title: Arts & Leisure.

Schnabel says, "What do arts and leisure have in common? & It's an oxymoron." & I agree the conflation of arts and leisure, as well as arts and entertainment, is frustrating. & I did think it was ironic, however, that Schnabel was making the point that arts and leisure don't mix, all the while dressed in his signature pajamas.