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The Final Four, Commercials, and a Missing Initiative

So, we're in the Final Four! The Democrats are bringing out Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; and the Republicans have John McCain and Mitt Romney up for nomination. Of course, it won't be until March that we find out the Libertarian candidate or July for the Green Party candidate, but for now we have at least four candidates.

And being in the top four, this seemed the perfect time for Mitt Romney to buy ads during the Super Bowl, which he did. I will admit, I was highly disappointed in the ad his campaign chose . Rather than state his stance, the chosen ad instead bashed on Clinton. Shame on you, Mr. Romney! On the flip side, Coca-Cola's political ad was an interesting and welcome addition! The premise was that with their soda, ANY group can get along.

If this is the case, then all Americans need to buy each member of the three branches of government a 12-pack of their favorite soda to share. It might work!


In South Bay, Chula Vista residents are voting on changing the position of city attorney to an elected position rather than the currently appointed position.

After months of fighting, over 20,000 signatures, and even the city suing itself to stop this initiative that the citizens are requesting, the initiative was supposed to be on this ballot. Instead, back on January 16th, the city postponed the vote until November's election. This, of course, has made a lot of folks even more upset.

Now, some may wonder why the citizens of Chula Vista have been fighting so long to be allowed to nominate, rather than appoint, a city attorney. The idea behind it is checks and balances. In theory, an elected attorney will not be indebted to those who appoint him or her to the office, and thus would work more for the city itself.

Personally, I think it’s also backlash after seeing what happened with San Diego's corruption, and an attempt to ensure that Chula Vista never has that kind of scandal drop into the laps of the city's residents.

Finally on a lighter note in Imperial Beach, I wanted to congratulate the city council for approving a new skate park , thus giving the youth in San Diego's South Bay another safe spot to play and keep healthy. Let's hope they get the remaining donations needed to build and complete the park.


- Steven Garrett is a professional food blogger who lives in Chula Vista.

aaryn b. from san diego
February 05, 2008 at 06:23 PM
Oooooh, soda for everyone! Good idea! Fill American guts with as much high-fructose corn syrup as possible so we all get fat(ter) and tired(er) and sick(er) and become even further dependent on pharmaceuticals to help us lose weight, lower our blood sugar, and fight off infection. Nothing like a weak populace to keep everyone in line together!