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San Diego Voters Flex Their Political Muscle

Super Tuesday is finally here after months of anticipation and preparation. California voters will go to the polls, or mail in their ballots, in what may be the most important election in history. We

San Diego Voters Flex Their Political Muscle

Tom Fudge: I hope all of you are having an absolutely super duper day. It is Super Tuesday. Here in California, and in more than 20 other states, voters are attending caucuses or primaries. They're casting votes for the candidates they'd like to see represent their parties in this year's presidential election. Obviously, the big contests are for the nomination in the Democratic and Republican parties. If you're an Independent, you can vote in California's Democratic primary, but the Republicans only want to hear from the registered GOP.

As always in the Golden State, we've got a few propositions crashing the election party. Californians are supposed to vote on term limit reform, Indian gaming compacts, and a new formula for funding community colleges, but the item that's really on our minds is the presidential race. Will Super Tuesday put John McCain so far ahead on the Republican side that he can't be beat? Will the Democrats choose Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as their clear favorite?



  • Brian Adams , professor of political science at SDSU who studies American politics, state and local politics, and political behavior. 
  • Nicole Lozare , KPBS reporter who's been traveling around southeast San Diego this morning.   
  • Ed Joyce , KPBS reporter who's been checking out the election scene in the Mission Beach area this morning. 
  •   Amy Isackson , KPBS Reporter who has been in the South Bay this morning.