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Legal Update: Congress, Roger Clemens, and Spygate

All-Star pitcher Roger Clemens squares off against his former trainer on Capitol Hill while New England Patriots coach Brian Belichick is under fire for videotaping opponents. These Days legal analyst

Legal Update: Congress, Roger Clemens, and Spygate

Tom Fudge: Last week, pitching ace Roger Clemens faced what may have been his most difficult matchup. Instead of standing on a mound, he was seated at a table in a Congressional hearing room. And he was casting his fastballs and change-ups at several members of Congress, who were asking tough questions about steroid use. Clemens is one of several baseball superstars accused in the Mitchell Report of using performance enhancing drugs. Clemens has been named as a drug user by trainer Brian McNamee. Former Yankees teammate Andy Petitte also says he discussed the use of drugs with Clemons. Those drugs include human growth hormone and steroids.

The fight over the performance enhancing drugs has been a public relations scandal and a legal scandal for many sports. Joining us to talk about Clemens’ appearance before Congress and other legal scandals in sports is Dan Eaton.



  • Dan Eaton , San Diego attorney and "These Days" legal analyst.