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President Weber on SDSU’s Growing Pains

San Diego State University is the region's oldest and largest university. It is expected to grow to 45,000 students in the next ten years. But along with the noble pursuit of higher education comes co

President Weber on SDSU’s Growing Pains

Tom Fudge: San Diego State University is a place I see every day. It's where our KPBS studios are located. But even for me, it's hard to imagine what the place will look like 20 years from now. By then, SDSU is expected to have 10,000 more students: 45,000 total. By now, we expected to see some of the progress toward that change.

But political opposition and court orders have slowed plans to expand the campus and campus community.


In the meantime, the university tries to attend to its first order of business: educating the students it now has. The university's public relations office proudly tells us that the university is the #1 small research university in the country. That means #1 among universities with 14 or fewer PHD programs.

March is SDSU Month and Saturday, March 15 is Explore SDSU Open House , a free event for the community.