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Author of Bestselling ‘Labyrinth’ Talks New Novel ‘Sepulchre’

Kate Mosse's novel “Labyrinth” was a hit in both the UK and the United States. In fact, it was the biggest selling title in the UK for 2006. Mosse's second novel is called “Sepulchre” and is also

Author of Bestselling ‘Labyrinth’ Talks New Novel ‘Sepulchre’

Tom Fudge: Kate Mosse is a best selling British author who's first big seller, called Labyrinth , was about the search for the grail. That gave Labyrinth the honor, or curse of being highly compared to another grail novel, The Da Vinci Code . Well, Mosse has come out with another novel, that's similar in story and structure to Labyrinth . In the new novel, called Sepulchre , two women who live at different times and on different continents, share a history and a fate. One is a young French girl who lives in Paris at the end of the 19th Century. The other, a young American woman, whose study of Debussy brings her to France in the early 21st Century.

Kate Mosse, by now you probably know I'm not talking about that skinny model, is a novelist and a broadcaster. She has a popular book show on the BBC. She's also spent many years in the publishing business and is founder of the Orange Prize for Fiction , which awards female novelists.


Kate Mosse will be signing books tonight at Warwick’s at 7:30 p.m.