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Unmentionable: District 3 Race Gets Seedy

Truthfully, I wasn’t going to vote for John Hartley to begin with.

(As a resident of District 3, my vote is likely going to ( Todd Gloria … but more on that later).

That said, when a local politician running for councilmember in my district was caught with his pants down — literally —it piqued my interest.  (Also, one of my fabulous editors pointed me in the direction of writing this story. Thanks, Leng.)


So, who is Mr. Hartley, and how much did he allegedly indecently expose?

Christine from Hillcrest
May 10, 2008 at 12:14 AM
I have no idea how any residents could believe that Todd is looking out for our best interests when he is saturated w/ money from the Building Industry which has adamantly opposed community groups, community input, historic preservation, a living wage and public parks. He is the antithesis of a democrat and I think it is appalling that he is trying to trick the public into thinking he is standing up for them.

Richard Miller from North Park
May 15, 2008 at 09:24 PM
Amen Christine. Alma, folow the money. When I last looked, here were some of Gloria's supporters, enough for me to count him out. Ellen Agey - Staff, Madaffer - $50 Al Baldwin - Developer, Village Group Newport Beach- $270 Deeann Baldwin - $270 James Baldwin - Real Estate Developer Newport Beach - $270 Joshua Baldwin - Pres. Kane Developement Newport Beach - $270 Nancy Baldwin - $270 Ronald Baldwin - Contractor Village Group Newport Beach - $270 Shawn Baldwin - Homebuilder Sunrise Developement - $270 Steven Baldwin - Homebuilder Pacific Coast Comm. - $270 John Baumgardner - Ace Parking - $270 Jim Blevens - Coldwell Banker - $270 Steve Cushman - Cush Enterprises - $270 Perry Dealy - Realestate Developement Manchester Fin. - $100 Amiee Faucett - Chief of Staff, Madaffer - $270 Nancy Graham - President CCDC - $150 Ranie Hunter - VP Realestate Devl. Otay Ranch Co. - $270 Evan Jacobs - Community Relations Manager, CA American Water - $250 (CA American Water is a subsidiary of American Water. Their purpose is to privitze water resources. The majority of the company's activities are centered in locally-managed utility subsidiaries that manage municipal water and wastewater systems under contract and others that supply to homeowners, businesses, and communities with water-resource-management products and services.) Peter Janopaul - J. Peter Enterprises - $270 Steven Johnson - VP SD Covention Center - $100 Scot Jones - Owner, Ace Parking - $270 John Kern - former Chief of Staff to Mayor Murphy - $270 Masis Kervorkian - Real Estate Monarch Group - $270 Kim Kilkenny - VP Otay Ranch - $270 George Kruer - Monarch Group - $270 Robert Lawrence - Real Estate Developer - $270 Fred Maas - Black Mountain Ranch developer - $270 (Other Black Mountain Execs - $1110 total) David Poole - VP Planning & Land Acq Brookfield Homes - $270 Jeffrey Ritchie - VP EDCO Waste - $250 Stephanie Saathoff - Gov. Realtions Capri & Clay (Lobbyists for AT&T;, County of SD and SD Water Auth.) - $250 Kenneth Sauder - Pres Wakeland Housing - $125 Gunnar Schalin - SD Contracting Opportunities - $170 Stuart Segall - Stu Segall Productions (TV/Movies) - $270 Jim Sidorick - Project Manager Planning & Acquisition, McMillan Land Development - $270 John Snyder - VP EDCO Waste - $270 Steve South - Pres EDCO Watse - $270 Rodney Stone - Real Estate Monarch Group - $270 Ryan Stone - Real Estate Monarch Group - $270 Jane Sudberry - $270 Thomas Sudberry - Sudberry Properties - $270 Michael Tweeten - VP Ace Parking - $270 Alan Walsh - CFO EDCO Waste - $250 How can Gloria say "NO" to the same developers and lobbyists that hold sway over city hall now when they come asking for his help? Gloria is the status qou, something San Diego can ill afford if we are to move forward and preserve our environment and neighborhoods. Better to vote for Hartley than Gloria, but Whitburn is my choice. Richard

Alma Sove
June 03, 2008 at 09:18 PM
Wow! How did I miss these awesome comments?? I told my editors I didn't think anyone was interested in the District 3 race. Thank you both, Christine and Richard, for your feedback. Since writing this article, I've learned a lot more about the candidates and found it interesting that Gloria and Whitburn both were Dems but only one was fully backed by the established San Diego Democrats, like Donna Frye and Bob Filner. I also learned first hand how much money was going Mr. Gloria's way due to the enormous flood of campaign fliers, phone calls, billboards, and radio ads surrounding my City Heights apartment. I honestly think Mr. Gloria may win if for no other reason than his campaign was extremely well funded. It will be interesting to learn the results from today's primary. Again, apologies for not responding to your comments sooner. Great stuff!