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KPBS Staff Write Memoirs In Six Words

I then decided to let the whole idea sit in the back of my mind over the course of a weekend - a weekend where I would pay attention to where my mind went, what I said, and what I thought about. & Surely, somewhere over said weekend, a crystallizing "Angela moment" would emerge. & In the end, four memoirs popped up and since it's my blog, I can include all four, inspiring a fifth memoir: & "Girl gets blog. Drunk with power." & The others were:

"Rely too heavily on delete key."

"Took out nose ring. & Regret it."


"She left convent. & Now I'm here."

and finally, my mantra every single morning....

"Still wishing dog could make coffee."

I decided it would be fun for KPBS to get on board with the whole six-word memoir thang. & Let me be clear that my idea of fun isn't everyone's cup of tea. & Fortunately, producers, editors, reporters, and very busy folk took up the challenge with enthusiasm. & I include all of & their inspiring, funny, and thoughtful contributions below.

Sons grow. & Daughters mature. & Parents age
& - & Alan Ray, Senior News Editor


Still love my own worst enemy.
& - Chris McConnell, Citizen Voices Blogger

Keep checking horizon for my ship.
& - Nicole Lozare, Jacobs Fellow and Reporter

Put me in the game, coach!
& - Kim Nyhous, Radio Producer

Late bloomer. & I am a star!
& - Kim Nyhous, Radio Producer

Lines trace the joy of laughter.
& - Nathan Gibbs, Online Content Producer

Working mother, need I say more?
& - & Deanna Martin Mackey, Associate General Manager of Marketing Education and Online Media

I came, I troubleshot, I cackled.
& - Leng Caloh, Senior Online Managing Editor

Trile, eror, triel, errer, tryle, error.
& - Kurt Kohnen, Radio Production Manager

Push 'play' and 'record.' & Don't pause.
& - Scott Horsley, Business Correspondent, National Public Radio

Learned to apply mascara while driving.
& - Amy Isackson, on the nature of border reporting for KPBS radio

Reinvent, reinvigorate, refresh. & What's tomorrow's challenge?
& - Gloria Penner, Host, Editor's Roundtable and author of the blog Political Fix

I'm not naturally an early riser.
& - Maureen Cavanaugh, Host of KPBS Radio's Morning Edition

Everyday life excited her with possibility.
& - Joanne Faryon, Television and Radio Reporter

It will suck when I die.
& - Tom Fudge, Host, These Days

Been here, done that, back again.
& - Ed Joyce, Radio Environmental Reporter

Hello. & Laugh, Think, Cry, Love. & Goodbye.
& - Erik Anderson, Radio News Anchor/Editor

Fade in... have fun... fade out.
& - Beth Accomando, KPBS Film Critic and Co-host, Film Club of the Air

Some advice. & Never eat yellow snow.
& - Ross Ching, Online Media Manager

Live to Love. & Love to Live.
& - Hank Crook, Producer, These Days and Editor's Roundtable

Life begins at fourth row center.
& - Scott Marks, Co-host, Film Club of the Air

Loved to listen. & Loved to talk.
& - Amita Sharma, Investigative Reporter

Showed up early. & Stayed too late.
& - Andrew Phelps, & Jacobs Fellow and Reporter

Africa, Europe, India, America, but Scotland?
& - Alison St. John, & Radio Reporter

Work? Nah! Think? Maybe. Ponder? Absolutely.
& - & John Decker, Radio Program Director

If you have any of your own to add to our motley mix, add them in the comments section below!