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Voters Face Two Property Rights Measures on June Ballot

California's June primary will have two propositions on the ballot: Prop 98 and Prop 99. Both deal with the issue of property rights and eminent domain, though they differ in their approach and scope.

Voters Face Two Property Rights Measures on June Ballot

Tom Fudge : The election's coming up in June. Not the big one, where we're going to decide who the next president's going to be. That one's in November. But June is the month of our California primary. If you think we just had a primary, you're right. This is another one. Yes, it gets confusing.

In this June primary, San Diegans will vote for mayor and city attorney. A host of other primary elections will be held in a variety of local voting districts, and there will be two statewide initiatives. Both of them are on the subject of eminent domain. The power of eminent domain, which allows governments to condemn property, became very controversial a couple of years ago.


That's when the Supreme Court upheld the right of the government to condemn and seize property, even if that property would eventually be turned over to a private firm commercial use.