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Citizen Voices Discuss the Economy, Global Warming, and the Border Fence

As the presidential race roars on, the candidates face a number of issues: slowing economy, rapid climate change, and a push to finish a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border to keep illegal immigrants a

Citizen Voices Discuss the Economy, Global Warming, and the Border Fence

Tom Fudge: During today's hour we're going to tackle three issues that are high on the national agenda, and that are important issues before our presidential candidates this year. The economy, global warming, and the construction of a border fence between the U.S. and Mexico.

The downturn we've seen in our economic fortunes isn't doing any harm this year to a presidential incumbent, because George W. Bush is termed out. He isn't running for re-election. But it could hurt the Republican candidate John McCain, whose run for president has put him in closer proximity to the views of George W. Bush, especially on the issues of taxation and budget balancing. As with most issues, it's hard to distinguish between the stands of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


The next subject on the bloggers roundtable is global warming. Be sure to tune into the Envision San Diego special TV program Global Warming: San Diego's Carbon Footprint . Global warming is one thing that all the top presidential candidates think is a problem. In 2003, Republican John McCain introduced Senate legislation to regulate carbon emissions in the United States. It never passed, by the way. They all speak in favor of compact fluorescent light bulbs. But who has the strongest position on global warming?

Finally, the U.S. government is now in the process of building a fence between us and Mexico. Not just in San Diego, but all across the country. All three of the top candidates for the presidency voted for the fence. John McCain has taken the position that's controversial in GOP circles of trying to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Opponents call that amnesty.