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Mike Aguirre Talks Role of City Attorney and Re-election Efforts

City Attorney Mike Aguirre joins us in studio to talk about his re-election campaign. We speak to Aguirre about the highlights and lowlights of his first term as city attorney. We also talk to Aguirre

Mike Aguirre Talks Role of City Attorney and Re-election Efforts

Tom Fudge: The race for San Diego city attorney used to be one of those elections you didn't pay much attention to, but it's hard to ignore the race this year. The incumbent, Mike Aguirre, faces four strong challengers, including two members of the city council he's often sparred with.

Mr. Aguirre has been controversial, as the result of his combative relationships with other top city officials. In fact, the race for city attorney this year has become a bit of a referendum on what the job actually should be. Is the city attorney the equivalent of a corporate council, lending legal advice to the board of directors and the CEO, in this case the council and the mayor? Or is the city attorney an independent, elected representative who often acts as a check on the power of the mayor and council?


Here on These Days we have conducted recent interviews with all of the serious candidates for city attorney, except Mike Aguirre himself. But today, we have the incumbent in studio.