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New Children’s Museum Opens Green Doors to San Diego

The New Children's Museum opens this weekend in a brand new building and with an ambitious opening exhibition called “childsplay.”

New Children’s Museum Opens Green Doors to San Diego

Tom Fudge : Over the past half dozen years, the story of the San Diego Children's Museum has been a melodrama. The people who wanted to make it go were searching for space, and they were facing a deadline imposed by the downtown development corporation. Above all, they were searching for the money to make it work.

Eventually, the parts all came together, thanks in part to a large donation from local philanthropists Joan and Irwin Jacobs. Just this week, the museum received another $5 million matching grant, which has cut in half the money they owe for construction of their new building.


The grand opening of the New Children’s Museum takes place this Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.


  • Rachel Teagle, executive director of the New Children's Museum.