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Meanwhile Back in Berlin

While the Kafka Project cooks up new angles of approach for the research in Poland, let's revisit some earlier points of interest, shall we? This will be fun, if you ever intend to visit, and one would fervently hope, spend some time in the fabulous city of Berlin

Getting around via BVG:  If you are moderately fit, the best way to navigate is to use the public transportation system, BVG , which is nothing less than brilliant. Our last Friday in Berlin, Byron and I went from our incredibly bizarre dinner experience at Unsicht-Bar Restaurant in the center of Mitte to our sleepy southern suburb in Kleinmachnow in about 45 minutes. Just before midnight, we left the dark restaurant (review to come) and traveled by tram to the U-bahn, changed to the S-bahn, where we'd left our bikes earlier that day, and then biked the two kilometers home from the Zelendorf Station. A taxi ride from roughly the same location took about the same time, but cost $60, six times as much. 

If you are staying more than a few days, go ahead, spring for a week-long pass. You can go anywhere and everywhere, and not worry about buying a ticket. It's a public transportation theme park with unlimited rides on buses, trams, streetcars, S-bahn and U-bahn trains. It's easy and fun even if you have absolutely no German language skills. Just ask Vernetta , my tap dance teacher and one of the Magical Mystery travelers. She was thrilled with her proficiency getting back from a shopping excursion at KaDeWe


You can't get lost in Berlin. Not really, not for very long. 

vernetta from San Diego, California, US of A
July 05, 2008 at 02:57 PM
Hello Kathy & Byron: Two of my very favorite peoples.. I am truly directionally challanged. I have a hard time with right and left, never mind East, West, North and South, and it is true, I did indeed get back to the hotel, without incident and without any wrong moves. I had a good buddy along, Glenda, and she could even read a map.. That helped a great deal. The two of us were quite pleased with ourselves that we did this on our own, we tried to be quite casual when we got back to the hotel, but that didn't play very well, and the most casual of observers could see we were quite impressed with ourselves.. That in it self truly does display the awesome capabilities of the Public Transportation System.

Glorie from Charlotte,NC
July 08, 2008 at 07:50 PM
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