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Spore and Ghostbusters on List for Must-See Video Game Panels

Well folks, the annual video game pilgrimage that is E3 just wrapped up, and chances are - like every year - you were left out in the cold, shivering and mumbling curses at the attendees of this industry-only event.  Never fear, the gaming industry will have a nice warm fire for you at Comic-Con (Dear Fire Marshal, this is an expression, I have no knowledge of any arsonist plans by the gaming industry at Comic-Con).  Activision, Capcom, EA, Marvel, Midway, Sierra, Sony, THQ, Ubisoft... the list goes on.  They will all be vying for your attention at the Con.

Above: A screenshot of DC Universe Online

Video game companies even have some plans for you that the lucky punks of E3 didn't get to experience.  You'll be the first ever to test out Sony's new MMO , DC Universe Online .  Firesky will be showing off their MMO, Stargate Worlds , based on the wildly popular TV show.  And, if you don't count the Japanese (our archrivals in the getting-games-first war), you'll be one of the first in the world to try out Street Fighter IV .


Now, to the panels.  Here are my top 10 picks.