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Californians Upset About Representation at Democratic Convention

California is sending more than 550 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. But, the chairman of the state party is upset with Barack Obama's campaign over accommodations in the mil

Californians Upset About Representation at Democratic Convention

The chairman of the state's Democratic Party says the California delegation will make "a lasting impression" at the National Convention in Denver.

Art Torres is leading 550 state delegates to the DNC as the party nominates Barack Obama as its official presidential candidate.


But, Torres says the national party has "slighted" California Democrats on the eve of the convention.

He says it's only giving 300 tickets to state delegates to attend Obama's nomination speech, when Torres requested 1500.

Torres: Everyone was very excited because it provided an opportunity for delegates to bring their families with them to view this historic event. And, now we find in California that we are not given even enough tickets to deal with the spouses or significant others, or children of our delegates. I find that disappointing. So, I hope they find a resolution and I think they will.

Torres says he's still pressing Obama's campaign staff to give California's delegation additional tickets.

He says he's upset because California democrats have donated more than $42 million to Obama's campaign.