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Pizzagate (Or 'How A Blogger Learns to Stop Worrying and Love The Political Bomb')

My friends, with the DNC this week, I thought it might be nice to look into how political blogging can explode on the media.  Let me tell you a tale that is now being affectionately referred to as 'Pizzagate'.

Last Monday, a pizza delivery driver named Anna delivered $30 worth of pizza to a house.  The twist to this is that the pizza was being delivered to Curt Bramble , Senate Majority Leader for the state of Utah.  Mr. Bramble then allegedly began to berate the delivery driver, harass her manager over the phone, and even tried using his position as Senate Majority Leader to force them to accept a personal check.  When they finally agreed to accept a check, it wasn't to his liking, so he then finally put the bill on his American Express card.  All in all, not the best way for anyone to treat someone who provides you food, and definitely not how a political figure should act.

But, the story doesn't end here.  In fact, it just begins.  For, you see, it turns out this young lady is a blogger .  A blogger who let out her frustrations over this in a post , as any blogger in her situation would.  She didn't name names, but she did leave enough clues that it was obvious whom she was writing about.  That's when it hit the fan.


Chuck from Escondido, CA
August 25, 2008 at 07:46 PM
Mixed feelings here on this. Assuming she told the truth, I'm really not certain what the blogger was apologizing for. Didn't look like she did anything wrong, just a bit naive. On the other hand, some bloggers certainly go to far and I don't think anyone benefits from some bellhop writing an expose because he felt slighted by his tip. I know I'd certainly reconsider using that driver's pizza outlet if I knew my transaction was going to be reported on someone's website ( OMG his house was a mess, and he eats meat, and his husband was wearing the most gawdawful... you get the idea), and wonder what the owner is thinking about being dragged into this mess. Even in those industries without strict privacy rights, I think most service-sector employers know that discretion is good for repeat business.

August 26, 2008 at 09:47 PM
What is "commodary"? Is this an example of imperfect speech recognition software? Is it commentary? . . community? . . commodity? Sheesh! I hope to see more people in the service sector (industry? I think not) biting back. When they choose to employ the English language in their "reportage", let's all pray that they remember the function of editing, rewrite, and polishing.

Jing from U K
September 21, 2008 at 12:59 PM
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