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CA Schools Superintendent Discusses Budget Deadlock

How will the budget deadlock, and the state's $15 billion deficit impact California schools this year? Host Tom Fudge speaks to state schools' Superintendent Jack O'Connell about what parents and stu

CA Schools Superintendent Discusses Budget Deadlock

Audio posted in the afternoon.

Tom Fudge: State government may have more control over the fate of public education in California than it does in any other state in this country. Proposition 13 and its many mandates put the power of the purse in the hands of the governor and state Legislature for all local districts. Also, the state Board of Education has the ability to make academic rules. Such as one which recently required all schools to offer and test eighth graders in Algebra.

Joining me to look at the beginning of the coming school year from the perspective of Sacramento is Jack O'Connell. O'Connell is responsible for carryinig out state education mandates.


  • Jack O'Connell , is the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction .
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