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San Diegan Weigh Economy When Voting on School Bonds

On Monday, the U.S. stock market took a nose dive, which in turned led markets in Europe and Asia to tumble as well. How will the state of the economy impact the election in November? We'll take a l

San Diegan Weigh Economy When Voting on School Bonds

Tom Fudge : Over the next two months, we'll take a look at the many choices voters will face on the November ballot. We begin today with KPBS Political Correspondent Gloria Penner. Gloria will touch of several of the issues we face on the state and local ballot.

Today, we're going to talk about the school bonds, being offered to voters at a time of economic hardship. San Diego residents, for instance, will vote on Proposition S, a bond that would raise more than two billion dollars for San Diego Unified Schools.



  • Gloria Penner , KPBS Political Correspondent and host of Editors Roundtable on KPBS.