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Solving Common Pet Behavioral Problems

What can you do to get an out of control dog to behave? What causes a dog to act aggressively towards other dogs? Why does your dog go crazy every time you leave the house? Host Tom Fudge speaks t

Solving Common Pet Behavioral Problems

Tom Fudge: If you've ever given up on a pet, you know what I mean, dropped a dog off at the pound, for instance.  It was probably because you decided you just couldn't live with it. Maybe it barked constantly, or it was agressive and threatening, or it peed and threw up all over the house. All animals have some bad behavior, and some of that behavior you just have to endure, but it can get to the point where most pet owners have just had enough.

What's the alternative to giving up your pet? Sometimes there's not much you can do, but modifying an animals behavior is certainly possible, especially when it comes to dog. We call it good training. Sometimes all you have to do is show a dog who's boss, and problem solved. With cats, it may be a little more complicated.


Here on These Days we occasionally talk about the problems with pets, and we're going to do it today, with a focus on behavior problems.


  • Dr. Katy Allen, local veterinarian and owner of Canterbury Tails Veterinary Services.
  • Carol Harris , a certified pet dog trainer (CPDT), and the owner of The Educated Pet.