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San Diego Weekend: Dead Horses, Lady Dottie, and Sue Palmer

In looking at San Diegans' photos from the weekend, it seemed to me fewer photogs were out on the street. & Everyone must have been shopping and preparing for the Super Bowl - and then actually watching it. & Although, if you're like me, you were also watching the Australian Open. & Poor Federer! & Dang, he plays a beautiful game of tennis. Here are a few shots from the cameras of San Diegans taken over the weekend.

A Crowned Beauty by Cholla75 .

Ryan Bingham and Dead Horses @ Casbah from Kudoskid0511


Sue Palmer and Lady Dottie by Joan Hunt/Laughing Rhino Photgoraphy.

California Sunset by Rock K .

Hyna by Mauricico Del Taco .