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San Diego Historical Society Gives Up Properties

The San Diego Historical Society has struggled to keep afloat for several years now. With the current recession has come increased financial distress. Last week, the society relinquished oversight o

San Diego Historical Society Gives Up Properties

Maureen Cavanaugh : The house of the man who founded the San Diego Historical Society is now being given up by the Society because it's too costly to run. That's the situation the Marston House finds itself in.

The Historical Society has announced it's giving up control of Marston House and the Villa Montezuma mansion in Sherman Heights. Both properties are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and control now technically reverts back to the city of San Diego. But with a $ 50 million plus deficit, the city may not be able to do much of anything to maintain them.


While San Diego officials scramble to get some civic organization to take over operations at Marston and Villa Montezuma, the economic problems of the San Diego Historical Society are far from over. Now, the main focus of the group is to keep up it's homebase - the San Diego Museum of History in Balboa Park.