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San Diego Musician Gregory Page Performs in Studio

Gregory Page is a favorite among local musicians. Formerly a member of The Rugburns, Page has made numerous albums and garnered a dedicated following for his vaudevillian, troubadour sound. Page joi

San Diego Musician Gregory Page Performs in Studio

Originally aired on June 11, 2008.

Maureen Cavanaugh:    Musician Gregory Page walked a long road before arriving in San Diego. His mother was a musician in Britain, and a member of an early girl-band called the Beatchicks. His father, well, you'll hear that story in a few minutes.


Page studied classical guitar at London's Trinity College before he moved to Southern California. He set up housekeeping in San Diego and performed with Steve Poltz as a member of the The Rugburns. Now he is a solo artist, mostly. He's a prolific composer who's come out with 16 albums.

Last summer, Tom Fudge interviewed Page about his new album, All Make Believe . Page was joined in studio by two musical friends, vocalist Erika Davies and violinist Ray Suen. They start out by performing All Make Believe .


  • Gregory Page, prolific and acclaimed singer-songwriter in San Diego.  His new album is called All Make Believe .
  • Erika Davies, vocalist who occasionally performs with Page. 
  • Ray Suen, violinist.  He is now a touring member of the rock band The Killers .