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Napping Can Help Ease the Impact of Daylight-Saving Time

Did you have trouble getting out of bed this morning? Do you usually have trouble adjusting to the daylight-saving time change? Host Alan Ray speaks to sleep expert Dr. Sara Mednick about the impact

Napping Can Help Ease the Impact of Daylight-Saving Time

Alan Ray: This past weekend was one hour too short for some of us. We started daylight-saving time. Didn't you always suspect your cat knew something she wasn't telling you: you should nap more. Some of us can't nap. For some of us, going to sleep means in deep, for hours. Some of us take "power naps," and there are some whose sleep life actually means two or three long naps every day, and night.

The first-ever UC San Diego "Nap In" will take place this afternoon from 12:30-3pm at Price Center West, Ballroom B, on the UC San Diego campus.



  • Dr. Sara Mednick, assistant professor of psychiatry at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, and author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life!.