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Astronomer Discusses His 20-Year Search for Other Living Planets

Are we alone in the universe, or are there other habitable planets in our galaxy? One of today's guests has been trying to answer that question for more than 20 years. We speak to astronomer Alan Bo

Astronomer Discusses His 20-Year Search for Other Living Planets

Maureen Cavanaugh: In the midst of all the news stories about Wall Street, auto bailouts and the economy last month, a small item may have missed your attention. A telescope from NASA's Kepler Mission was launched into space.

There are some who believe this overlooked science story could deliver one of the biggest discoveries of all time because this is NASA's first mission capable of finding Earth-size and smaller planets around other stars. It's looking for environments where life happens.


In fact, the age-old question about life on other planets has been given a boost in recent years by the discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting other stars.

Alan Boss will be discussing and signing copies of The Crowded Universe: The Search for Living Planets this Saturday, April 4th, from 4 to 5pm, at the San Diego Science Festival taking place at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park.