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Snap Out of It Now with Dr. Adrianne Ahern


Airs Saturday, August 8 at 7 p.m. on KPBS TV


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Move over Dr. Phil – Dr. Adrianne Ahern teaches you how to rewire your brain to confront life’s challenges for greater success and wellbeing.


Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed out? Clinical psychologist Adrianne Ahern has a solution – Snap Out of It NOW!®. Dr. Ahern, renowned for her pioneering work in developing human potential, has developed a breakthrough methodology to help train the brain to support optimal health, success, and wellbeing. Ahern can teach you how to rewire your brain to meet and conquer life’s challenges.

In today’s uncertain economic and social climate, people want to relieve anxiety, regain control of their lives and find positive solutions, but many are bogged down by years of negative conditioning. The proven Snap Out of It Now!® method, developed by Ahern during her over 15 years of private practice and organizational consulting, integrates the disciplines of psychology, psychophysiology, neurofeedback, and personal achievement analysis. Dr. Ahern provides unique strategies and concrete tools to rewire the physiology of the brain so it works for us, not against us.

The negative conditioning of our brains controls us, and sends us messages that have emotional and physiological control over us – it’s a powerful force that holds us back – but we can take charge and rewire our brains to unleash its power in positive directions. Dr. Ahern teaches simple yet powerful techniques to train the brain to support what we really want in life – more fulfilling careers, optimal health, and satisfying relationships. Her method helps us identify and rewire negative conditioning in order to meet life’s challenges with confidence, reduce the impacts of stress, and experience more energy and joy in our lives. Ahern, a respected bestselling author and national speaker, follows in the footsteps of great motivational gurus such as Leo Buscaglia, John Gray, Suze Orman, and Wayne Dyer, by launching her national television debut in the public broadcasting arena.

Learn how to uncover counterproductive brain conditioning, snap out of mental mediocrity and unleash maximum potential. Snap Out of It NOW!® puts us back in the driver's seat, gives us the tools we need to face challenges with confidence, and provides the key to unlocking and rewiring the brain so we control it instead of it controlling us. Filmed before a live audience, the interactive, fun and engaging Dr. Ahern will teach you how to breakout and breakthrough to reach your goals and enrich your life!

Be sure to watch on August 8 at 7 p.m. on KPBS TV! Call in (Toll-free: (888) 399-5727) or go online and make a pledge to support Public Television in San Diego!