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San Diego's 'Inside the Design Studio' With Jonathan Segal

The Jonathan Segal designed solar-powered Union Lofts in downtown San Diego
The Jonathan Segal designed solar-powered Union Lofts in downtown San Diego

First Will Farrell did it, now San Diego's own Keith York will take on the role of obsequious, albeit well-prepared, host James Lipton from "Inside the Actors Studio." In York's version, local architects are in the hot seat.

York hosts the San Diego Architecture Foundation’s ongoing series “Inside the Design Studio.” The series continues this Thursday, featuring a conversation with hot-shot architect/developer/contractor Jonathan Segal.

Segal recently won accolades from the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects for his mixed-use project in Little Italy known as "The Q."


Will Segal wince at York's towering stack of blue cards? Will York fawn or probe? Will he use Bernard Pivot's famous questionnaire?

We'll have to wait until Thursday to see, but York says he definitely won't be lobbing softballs. “I hope to push some of Jonathan's (and the audience's) buttons and we can witness the result together.”

The San Diego Architecture Foundation and York share the goal of “raising the level of discourse on design” in San Diego.

The “Inside the…. Studio” format is not incidental to that mission. The event, York stresses, is about presenting a conversation rather than a “lecture…award presentation or panel discussion.” The conversational format allows the audience to explore an individual’s life and art in a more organic – and sometimes provocative – way.

The series debuted last October with San Diego modernist icon, Robert Mosher. You can see video of that interview below.


"Inside the Design Studio" continues Thursday evening with Jonathan Segal at the Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla. More information can be found here.

Inside the Design Studio